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Last Course now running for 2014 - 2015.

T'ai Chi Lifestyle Certificate Course and T'ai Chi Teacher Diploma Course.
In China, doctors prescribe T'ai Chi as a health treatment plan. It is both a preventative and curative branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In illness, our 'Qi' (energy) stagnates and imbalance occurs. When practised in our daily lives, T'ai Chi increases the flow of Qi: this strengthens and rejuvenates the body internally, and helps to avert illness and fatigue. T'ai Chi can give benefit you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Grand Master Cheng Man Ching, although a skillful T'ai Chi teacher was also a TCM practitioner - the health of his students was of paramount importance!

The T’ai Chi Lifestyle Course is based at Mandarin Clinic in the middle of Newcastle under Lyme. It is an eco friendly centre promoting a healthy environment.

What inspired the T'ai Chi Lifestyle Course?
Historically, Grand Masters of T’ai Chi handed down their knowledge to exceptional students. As such no formal qualification exists – even today! Nowadays the system is abused as some T’ai Chi teachers start teaching after eight weeks of training. T’ai Chi is often placed in the curriculum of Sport and Leisure, which in our view is wrong as it is much more than a keep fit. It is a valid complementary health system, rich in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Taoist philosophy; it is creative and gives the learner the opportunity to take control of their lives – reflect and transform if that is what is necessary. It is a work out – but for Mind, Body and Spirit. Like any complementary health training, this course will be fun but intense. It is by no means a quick fix!

How do I know whether I am right for the Lifestyle Course?
You might be a health professional such as a Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Social Services employee looking to incorporate T’ai Chi in a ‘Falls Prevention’ project or cardiology department in the hospitals. Equally, if you want change in your life – have time to reflect and find a new direction then the course is right for you as long as you are willing to take ownership of that change. The course is not personal therapy – it is a learning environment with clear learning outcomes. The T’ai Chi Lifestyle Certificate acts as a credible CPD course and forms the basis of the Diploma. You might be an existing T’ai Chi student wanting to study T’ai Chi in more depth.

How is the Lifestyle Course structured?
The T’ai Chi Lifestyle Course consists of 6 modules. Learning consists of discussion, observation, conventional teaching, debate about the ancient Chinese proverbs and a quiz to identify whether outcomes are being met. In addition, you will be set short assignments, and a reflective/season’s diary forms part of your Summative Assessment.

What do I get when I complete the course?
A credible ‘Mandarin Scholar’ certificate issued by Mandarin College clearly identifying that all of the learning objectives have been met. This is not a general certificate of attendance.

Will I be able to teach T'ai Chi after the Lifestyle Course?
No! The T’ai Chi Lifestyle Course is the first component of the teaching Diploma. Those students who want a qualification to teach will need to complete the T’ai Chi Lifestyle Diploma. Upon completion of the T’ai Chi Lifestyle Certificate you will be equipped with the knowledge and performance to manage your own health in these stressful times.
Duration: 6 modules. Cost: £760.00. Progression Route: T'ai Chi Lifestyle Teacher Diploma.

Are there entry requirements for the T'ai Chi Diploma?
Yes as we need to ensure that all students leave the course with all the knowledge required to successfully treat a patient or manage a class of students. In order to complete the T’ai Chi Lifestyle Diploma you need to have completed the Lifestyle Certificate successfully. In addition to the T’ai Chi Lifestyle Diploma course you need to present evidence of 2 years personal T’ai Chi practice with any teacher of your choice.

How do I know whether I am the right person for the Diploma Course?
You will have improved your own health and wellbeing from the knowledge you have gained on the T’ai Chi Lifestyle Certificate. You will have a desire to share a very credible health system with others, either with the objective of preventing imbalance or improving certain medical conditions. You might want to include the Diploma in your CPD portfolio. You might be a health professional already and you want to introduce T’ai Chi to a Mental Health service, a Physiotherapist department, Occupational Therapy department, or an Age UK establishment where you are committed to offering T’ai Chi to an ageing population. Or you might be a private practitioner wanting to extend your existing services as a business opportunity.

How is the T'ai Chi Diploma Course structured?
The T’ai Chi Diploma Course will consist of four modules. Learning consists of more practical application, observation, how to set objectives to your patients and students; how to measure outcomes; how to establish contra-indications to T’ai Chi; how to set up in the Business of T’ai Chi and how to manage a classroom/therapy room scenario.

What do I get when I complete the T'ai Chi Diploma Course?
You will be awarded a ‘Mandarin Scholar’ Diploma Certificate. This qualification enables you to set up as a T’ai Chi Teacher or T’ai Chi Practitioner. Upon successful completion of the course you will be entitled to apply for insurance with Towergate Insurance.
Duration: 4 modules. Cost: £450.00.

What are the progression routes once I complete the T'ai Chi Diploma?
The Mandarin College T’ai Chi Diploma is marketed as a National scheme. The progression routes with Mandarin College are: similar courses such as the Medical Qigong Certificate and Diploma and CPD short courses such as T’ai Chi for cardiology; T’ai Chi for Mental Health, the T’ai Chi and Falls Prevention Project; T’ai Chi for M.S. and Parkinson’s Disease. You do not have to stay with Mandarin College. Past students have progressed to Degree Courses in Acupuncture and TCM at various universities and set up in private practice and secured employment within the health service.

This course attracts T'ai Chi instructors/players who want to earn a professional living from T'ai Chi, either to run night classes in village halls; to offer in offices and corporate working environments; to work with Falls Prevention teams or to offer as a specialism to disability groups. If you need a qualification in T'ai Chi but cannot commit to a weekend course, then this is the course for you as you can go your own pace. Please email to request and receive an application pack. Alternatively you can speak to Anita on 07952 343658.
Enrol anytime throughout the year.
Cost: £1,200.

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