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T'ai Chi Local Classes #01

Beginners T'ai Chi Courses in Newcastle under Lyme, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. Learn Cheng Man Ching style T'ai Chi with a Qualified Instructor. Next Course starts Spring 2015.

Beginner's T'ai Chi Taster Course - starts Spring 2015

If you have never done T'ai Chi before it is probably best to start with an informal, fun packed four week T'ai Chi Taster Course which run throughout the year. The course is structured to cater for small groups where you can get to know your instructor and ask as many questions as you need. You will learn the basics, such as how to correct your posture, balance and breathing. You will also learn a meditation and relaxation technique consisting of a Qigong exercise to help you re-energise. These are the building blocks to understanding the more complex T'ai Chi Form.

Duration: Four weeks - at Mandarin Clinic in Newcastle under Lyme. Cost: £37.00 for four weeks. FULLY BOOKED for 2014.
Progression Route: T'ai Chi Wellbeing Course.

T'ai Chi Wellbeing Course

The T'ai Chi Wellbeing Course is structured into general one and a half hour classes incorporating flexibility exercises, meditation and concentration techniques, Medical Qigong and the Cheng Man Ching Form. Although some theory is taught and ancient proverbs are discussed, The T'ai Chi Wellbeing course is not as intense as the all encompassing T'ai Chi Lifestyle Course.

Duration: 8 weeks, five times throughout the year. FULLY BOOKED>. Cost: £52.00 for an eight week class.
Progression Route: T'ai Chi Wellbeing Workshops and The T'ai Chi Lifestyle Course.

T'ai Chi Wellbeing Workshops

Sometimes students want to learn more about the fascinating theory, health benefits and principles of T'ai Chi. In the T'ai Chi Form we are influenced by Taoist principles such as - yielding, slowness, softness, centeredness, rootedness and balance. Without Taoism there would not be the concept of 'chi', 'yin and yang' or the 'five elements.' One of the most basic Taoist precepts is to study and emulate nature. Taoism is quite simply a way of living in accord with the natural laws of the universe.

Our bodies are structured and governed by the 'five elements' - fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Whatever happens outside in nature also happens within us. In the daily practice of T'ai Chi, by sinking and relaxing our body weight we can feel the support of earth. The slow, soft turning moves help to massage our internal organs.

It is entirely our own path and our choice as to whether we follow the guidelines of The Tao. When we become T'ai Chi players we study our own nature. We therefore endeavour to respect nature by not taking our universe for granted.

Duration: One day courses in beautiful venues in the countryside. Ongoing - run throughout the year. Please enquire as to when the next course is scheduled.
Cost: £85.00, bring your own lunch. Anyone interested in the philosophy of T'ai Chi is welcome.
Progression Route: T'ai Chi Wellbeing Course or the T'ai Chi Lifestyle Diploma if you obtain the correct entry requirements.

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