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Course Description - Medical Qigong, Health Qigong - and Beginners T'ai Chi in Newcastle under Lyme, Stoke on Trent in Staffordshire. Learn with a Qualified Instructor passionate about Health.

Whether you are looking for a fun four week beginner's taster course in Qigong or T'ai Chi; a life changing T'ai Chi or Medical Qigong Lifestyle Course, or a T'ai Chi or Medical Qigong Practitioner Diploma that will propel you to a teacher or therapist level, we have courses running in Newcastle under Lyme, which is central to Birmingham and Manchester, to meet your needs. Medical Qigong Therapy is classed as the most ancient branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); Acupuncture, Tuina and Chinese Herbs being the others.
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T'ai Chi Teacher and Daoist Qigong Instructor - Garry Johnson

How does a lad, born and bred in Newcastle under Lyme, in his 50s, whose father was a bricklayer and whose mother was a shop assistant, become a Tai Chi Teacher and Daoist Qigong Instructor?

My interest began in 2008, when my wife and I travelled to Australia to visit our daughter who was back-packing there with her boyfriend. There we were on a glorious spring-like morning, relaxing in beautiful surroundings looking out over Sydney Harbour, watching people going about their daily business. Some were making their way to work, some already at work in the local stalls and shops, others, like us, simply drinking in the peace and tranquility.

We noticed an elderly Chinese lady make her way over to an open space under a tree, where she stopped and put down her coat and water bottle before starting to perform a series of stretches, after which she began to move and sway steadily, left and right, back and forth, each movement flowing into the next, each footstep carefully planted. There was no sound, just an air of complete and utter calm and peacefulness; she was totally oblivious to the growing number of admirers and onlookers she attracted as people continued on their own journeys that morning – it was mesmerising!

We watched her for what felt like an hour but it was probably only 20 minutes or so. I continued to reflect on what I had seen as we went on our way a little later. What did the movements mean? Was she telling a story through her movements? How had she achieved such a seemingly tranquil state of meditation in such a public place? I didn’t realise until later, but this is where my personal journey began.

At the time, as well as having a very stressful job as a Project Manager, I was also heavily involved with a local professional football club as a coach in their youth academy. I enjoyed the experience of working with young people immensely and valued the people I met and the places I visited, but in time, it too had become extremely stressful. After coaching for 7 years I retired from football just after celebrating my 50th birthday. I had come to the conclusion that it was time to refocus my life and concentrate on getting some well-earned and long overdue ‘me time’ before I burned out!
Travelling to Canada a few months later, again my wife and I saw T’ai Chi in action – the serenity and calming influence shone through once again; within days of returning home I made what turned out to be one of the most important telephone calls of my life. I contacted a local T’ai Chi Teacher to enquire about attending a Beginner’s T’ai Chi course. From the very first class I knew that this would change my life. It is hard to explain, but as the teaching continued I began to recognise and understand so many of the feelings, thoughts and beliefs that I’d had all my life; I suppose you could almost call it an epiphany.

As my love of T’ai Chi grew, my Teacher, Anita Mason also introduced me to Qigong. With the everyday stress of my job and the increasing pressures of life in general, the teachings have helped me to improve my quality of life considerably. I have enhanced my appreciation of ‘Mother Nature’ and learned how to live in harmony with everything ‘She’ has to offer, and how to manage the effects 'She’ has on me through the different Seasons, both externally and internally.

As I did with my previous passion for football, my aim now is to share my new found passion for T’ai Chi and Qigong by teaching its numerous benefits to likeminded people. I hope that you too can enhance your quality of life and achieve the same level of inner peace, calm and serenity as I have. I am proud to be one of Anita’s students. She has now fully retired from T’ai Chi and continues her study with the Masters of Medical Qigong and Professor Jerry Alan Johnson, whose lineage is authentic and much sort after. The T’ai Chi Form that I teach is Cheng Man Ching and the style of Qigong is the ‘Healing Workout’ initiated by Jerry Alan Johnson – Grandmaster of Medical Qigong. Having now gained my T’ai Chi Teacher Diploma and a Daoist Qigong Instructor Certificate, please take this as an invitation to travel with me as I continue my journey.

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