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Course Description - Medical Qigong, Health Qigong - Qigong Bootcamp and Beginners T'ai Chi in Newcastle under Lyme, Stoke on Trent in Staffordshire. Learn with a Qualified Instructor passionate about Health.

Whether you are looking for a fun four week beginner's taster course in Medical Qigong, Health Qigong or T'ai Chi; a life changing T'ai Chi or Medical Qigong Lifestyle course, or a T'ai Chi or Medical Qigong Practitioner Diploma that will propel you to a teacher or therapist level, we have courses running in Newcastle under Lyme, which is central to Birmingham and Manchester, to meet your needs. Medical Qigong Therapy is classed as the most ancient branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); Acupuncture, Tuina and Chinese Herbs being the others.
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Senior Medical Qigong Therapy and T'ai Chi Teacher - Anita Mason

Born into a Yorkshire farming community, my respect for the Five Elements was almost inherent. So was my survival instinct. I had two passions, firstly, an obsession for sport, secondly, a deep appreciation of nature. An appetite for challenge, a natural agility and a perfectionist nature steered me to the world of gymnastics. Unfortunately, my life as a talented, young gymnast was short lived, as a bad fall left me with a severe spinal injury. Consultants advised the termination of all sport, so, I reluctantly pursued a career in art & design. It wasn’t so bad! The art nurtured the spiritual expressionist in me. The design constantly nourished the problem solver and presented me with new and exciting challenges. As my career developed, the sheltered life of a farming village became substituted by the hustle and bustle of the city - London, New York and later California. More opportunities were available to explore, more cultures to appreciate.

Along my journey I came across T’ai Chi Ch’uan. The British T’ai Chi Ch’uan Association in London became home as I received most of my training there. In addition, I initially studied Medical Qigong with two amazingly gifted and spiritual teachers, Dr Barbara Briner and Dr Taya Stanley from The Yellow Mountain Institute in America. Check out their article "The Alchemy of Qigong" for an inspirational read. Later I studied with Professor Jerry Johnson and also became a student of Dr Bernard Shannon in California; an internationally recognised teacher in Medical Qigong Therapy and a Daoist priest and Sifu. Both Dr Briner, Dr Stanley and Dr Shannon are respected students of Grand Master Jerry Johnson a practicing TCM Doctor and Professor of Medical Qigong Therapy.

I have invested much in Chinese medicine systems. Not surprisingly I also developed a respect for the holistic philosophy. I am no longer the physical victim of former years. My incentive was the desire to improve my quality of life. Determination and patience helped me to arrive at my destination. My spine strengthened and became more flexible. My health in general prospered. As such, my mission is to make T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Medical Qigong Therapy available to everyone; patients as well as all practitioners who dedicate their lives to helping others and spend so little time on themselves. Over the last 32 years I have taught many disability groups thanks to regular funding from Robbie Williams. Groups have included cancer patients, M.E., M.S. and Parkinsons' patients and I have spearheaded Falls Prevention projects with the NHS and Social Services. My Cert Ed. (PCE) teaching qualification from Wolverhampton University will enable me to train practitioners to a very high standard. All I ask is that people keep an open mind. There are so many aspects to T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Medical Qigong that I am convinced there is something in this fascinating system for everyone. It can be fun finding it! I don’t enforce my views. My passion is simply sharing my knowledge.

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